Has Your Loved One Faced Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?


In the next decade, 20 million people will retire in America. Also in the next decade, nearly 10% of the population will be over the age of 85. These increases come at a time when elder abuse is on the rise, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse and the National Council on Aging. 

Much elder abuse or neglect takes place in nursing homes, which are growing to capacity. At the same time, hiring standards are often relaxed to meet the growing demand for workers. Thus, the stage is set for neglect and abuse.

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney in White Plains, New York

Nursing homes care for some of the most vulnerable members of society. Those who work in nursing homes hold a position of public trust. For good reason, most require thorough background checks of employees.

The most challenging patients are also the most vulnerable: Alzheimer’s and dementia. But even patients with certain physical conditions like limited mobility are also vulnerable to abuse and neglect. 

When choosing a nursing home for a loved one, you do your due diligence. You check online reviews, check them out on social media and carefully compare what you hear from others to what you see on the websites. You visit the facility, tour it and maybe even dine on the same food as residents. After an exhaustive investigation, you entrust your family member to the care of virtual and literal strangers.

How Can We Help?

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Mom is quiet. Or not. Point is, you might see changes in their habits and personality. Watch for signs of:

  • Dehydration
  • Being withdrawn or agitated
  • Malnourishment
  • Bruises
  • Infections
  • Bed sores 

Another red flag of neglect is if anyone on the staff reports instances of your loved one wandering and getting lost. These are all signs that there may be abuse or neglect. 

If you see such signs, you should contact the Law Office of Michael Tawil right away.

Causes of nursing home injuries

Some people believe that “accidents happen.” We do not. We know that most accidents could have been prevented. We also know that injuries in nursing homes are the result of 

  • Poor training
  • Low staffing
  • Medication errors
  • Infections
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Dehydration 
  • Malnutrition
  • Bedsores
  • Transportation injuries
  • Wandering off
  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse

Thus, many injuries in nursing homes are the result of either abuse or neglect, not “accident.” Either way, it is a violation of your loved one and it cannot be allowed to continue. Your loved one is also entitled to monetary damages because of the abuse. 

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Types of nursing home neglect and injury cases in New York

Certain “causes” of nursing home injuries are common in New York court cases. Some of the more common cases we’ve handled at The Law Office of Michael Tawil P.C. include:

  • Bedsores: These are the result of neglect. They are ulcers that appear on the buttocks, back, heels or other high-friction areas on the body. They occur because the patient’s position has remained unchanged for long periods. Bedsores should NEVER occur in a nursing home.
  • Restraint:  Injuries from restraints occur when staff use physical restraints on patients who are not as cooperative as others or who are too mobile. These injuries most often appear around wrists and ankles. 
  • Falls: Nursing home falls are the leading cause of injuries, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Among the reasons for falls are negligent facility maintenance, failure to assist moving patients properly, and failure to properly supervise high-risk patients.
  • Malnutrition/Dehydration: Nutrition and dietary neglect can occur when a patient cannot communicate well. Staff is not always diligent in making sure residents are properly fed or hydrated, which is abusive and neglectful.
  • Wandering off: Every nursing home has procedures to prevent patients from wandering off and getting lost. Despite these procedures, Alzheimer’s patients and others often manage to exit the facility, injuring themselves in the process, even falling victim to assaults or robberies.
  • Nursing home physical/sexual abuse: Yes, both physical and sexual assaults occur in nursing homes. Background checks and regular reviews intended to prevent the hiring of potentially abusive staff can and do fail. Hitting, beating, burning and rape remain far too common.

Why choose Michael Tawil for your nursing home neglect case?

“Mike Tawil was very compassionate and thorough in handling my mother’s nursing home neglect and abuse. We are very satisfied and will not hesitate to use him again.” – Leonard J. April 2020

Compassion. Not something you often hear said of an attorney. But fitting. We are so successful at handling nursing home abuse cases because we are good at getting your loved one to open up. Seniors are often afraid to open up about the abuse, at times blaming themselves and others, not wanting to become a burden on their children.

The only way to end the abuse is to bring the long arm of the law down on the facility. And as compassionate as we are at Michael Tawil, we are equally aggressive in going after those who would abuse your parents, grandparents and other family members. 

We welcome your inquiries and questions and will answer all clearly and completely. To schedule a free personal consultation with a Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse attorney, contact us at 914-281-1618.

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