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John and his family* were on their way to Long Island on I-95 south one weekend when a pickup truck sideswiped their SUV. Although John managed to maintain control of his vehicle, the pickup truck somehow managed to strike him again. This time, it pushed him into another vehicle … he woke up in a hospital.

Fortunately, neither John nor his family’s injuries were too serious. He suffered a broken wrist, which put him out of work for weeks, his wife cracked a few ribs, costing her some days on her job as well. Both of his kids were bruised and traumatized, but otherwise fine.

When John called us, he was clearly worried. “How am I going to pay my mortgage? My car note? Jill’s car note? Everything else? Food even?”


What’s the first thing to do when you get in a car accident?


Wisely, John did the right thing — he called us as soon as he was able. 

Right away, we put his mind at ease and arranged a time to meet. On meeting with John, we explained his options, his legal rights and how he was going to manage.

We’ve been taking care of automobile accident cases for decades. We know that life after a car wreck can be difficult. We know that you have many questions and you need us to be just a phone call away. We promise … we always are. 

“I previously hired Mike Tawil for two injury cases, one when I was hurt on a New York City bus, and one where I was hit by a car.  In each case, Mike got me excellent settlements. Mike always picks up the phone or calls you back and answers all your questions honestly and to the point. He has handled other cases for members of my family throughout the years and I would recommend him to anyone.” – Anika, April, 2020 to

How Can We Help?

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What if I am not seriously injured in the auto accident?


Even if you are not what you consider to be seriously injured, you still may have a claim. The first thing you should do in this case is take photos of the accident scene. You may even believe yourself “at fault” and think that taking pictures will only hurt your case. 

Do not make this mistake. The photos you take will help us determine exactly what happened and prove which parties are responsible. This is the best way to ensure that you and your family are taken care of after the fact. 

So, take pictures with your phone, even do video if you can. Interview witnesses to the collision and be sure to get their names and contact info. 

Next, call us at 914-281-1618 to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. The sooner we get started on your case, the better.

How much does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer?


We cannot speak for other firms, but we don’t get paid unless you get paid. This is called a contingency arrangement and it is simple: We get a percentage of compensation collected after expenses. 

Hence, it is in both our interest and yours to make sure you collect the proper compensation for your injuries.

We also understand that not every client can make it to our office because of injuries or loss of transportation. This is why we’ll come to you if you need us to.


Motor Vehicle or Bike Accident Claims: You Should Know…


You should know … that in the event of a collision between motor vehicles or a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicycle/pedestrian, there are three parts of every case: liability, damages, and a concept known as ‘no fault.’ 


LIABILITY. New York apportions fault


New York apportions fault, which means that it accepts the possibility that fault could rest with more than one party to a car accident. Insurance companies love this because it means that anyone without an attorney is likely to share blame. This lowers the amount the insurance company will have to pay. 

We work to prove that you had no fault in the accident. As your legal representatives, we take this role as our duty. Our adversarial justice system demands no less. This is largely why my clients enjoy higher rates of compensation than most. We see to it. 


DAMAGES. New York also has what is termed a ‘serious injury threshold.’


Serious injury threshold means that unless injuries meet the State of New York’s legal definition of “serious,” there is no case. Injuries like broken bones, disfigurement or dismemberment, accidental abortion and death are serious. Other injuries are not as clear in the definition, which is why you should contact us if you are unsure.

We will be happy to review your medical records and other documents as necessary to determine whether you have a rightful claim. If we believe you do, we will take on your case and give it the vigorous attention you deserve. 


NO FAULT. New York is a ‘no-fault’ car insurance state.


If you are hurt in a car wreck, “no fault” laws help ensure medical bills and lost wages will be paid, no matter who caused the accident. How so?

Regardless of who caused the accident, one of the insurance companies (or both) will pay these necessary costs, so the law requires they be paid. However, in actual practice some find themselves stonewalled. 

We make sure that you get paid what the State of New York requires. 

The most important thing to remember is this: Whether you choose to let us handle your case, be sure to submit a no-fault claim to the correct insurance company within 30 days of the accident. This is the only way to receive payments.  

This is a big part of why we tell our clients to call as soon after a car accident as possible. We want you to be paid. 


Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists


What happens if the driver who hits you does not have insurance or is underinsured? 

Sadly, there remains on the road many who either do not have insurance or carry only the minimum coverages. In these situations, you really need the help of a skilled car accident attorney such as … well, you know — contact the law offices of Michael Tawil for a no-obligation consultation.

*The characters and story of John, Jill and his family are completely fictional; however, their story is based on hundreds of auto accidents and over nearly three decades of representing plaintiffs and defendants in automobile accidents.

Auto Accident Attorney in New York


Since 1992, we have litigated hundreds of car accident claims. We’ve seen how expensive medical bills can be and how fast they can mount up. We’ve seen how the loss of even one income in a family can wreak havoc. We’ve seen how severe or permanent injuries result in distress and difficulties not measured by money. And we know the heartache and pain suffered by those who have been in a major car wreck.

The insurance company will work hard to limit or reduce the amount of money they pay for your injuries. The insurer may even deny your claim entirely. That is what they try, but we do not let them get away with it.

If we take on your claim, we work vigorously on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.